Beam Box : why is OS 3.0 the minimum version required ?


If you’ve downloaded Beam Box, or if you have read the features description, you’re perhaps asking yourself why I’ve decided to deliver it for the O.S. 3.0 or later only.

The first reason is that I haven’t found yet the way to distribute two versions of the application in iTunes Connect.

But it’s not the real reason. The real one is that I’m working on a new version that will add a Duel mode. With this Duel mode, two people will be able to play against each other on the same game. To win, you have to find the solution quicker than your opponent. To add this mode, I’ve used a functionality which is only available in the OS 3.0.

So, unless a lot of people ask for a version compatible with OS version priors to 3.0, it’s unlikely that such a version will ever appear.

Beam Box available on App Store


Here it is !!

Beam Box is available on App Store.

Click here to get it.

Beam Box v1.0


Beam Box is a reflexion game. The first version has just been submitted to Apple, and I hope it will be available on App Store for free soon.

If you want to know more about this game, go to the full description page.

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